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Tea Time with Liv

Recruiting Game

The Recruiting Game

This game is designed to help you identify hot prospects. My belief is that any game you play should not only be an ice-breaker, but also designed to point you to potential recruits.

The first step is to assemble three Opportunity Gift Bags. To assemble the gift bags gather all the information you have on your opportunity, then add some special touches, including a gift. The gift can be anything that has visual appeal – a bar of chocolate, a fun gift you found at a dollar store or sale, or one of your own products purchased on special (do not over-spend on these bags. Presentation is the key.) Make sure you use fun gift bags so they have strong visual appeal and display them up front with you. This has two benefits. First, they will remind you that you have to find three people to give the gift bags to, and second, they will generate curiosity and a desire to ‘win’ one.

Next, introduce the game at the beginning of your party. Show the gift bags and tell guests that you are going to play a game. The winner will receive one of the gift bags.

Guests are invited to award themselves points as you call out the following categories:

* One point for each party you have been to in the last two years
* Two points for each party you have been to in the last six months
* Five points if you have ever hosted a party
* Double those points if you hosted a party in the last six months
* Five points if anyone has ever approached you about joining the business
* Ten points if you seriously considered it
* Ten points if you have ever been a Consultant or Representatives for a direct selling company

As you read out statements, guests award themselves points for party attendance, hosting a party etc. This exposes the best prospects to give your business opportunity gift bag to, because those who attend parties and host parties are by far your best prospects. They have basically qualified themselves.

You can make up the points as you go, depending on the group (you want to find a winner so you have to adapt to your audience). But here is a guide:

The guest with the most points wins. Be sure you have that guest’s information so you can follow up in a few days.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


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