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Tea Time with Liv

Get Organized

Like many WAHMs out there, you are doing your best to bring in a consistent and valuable income. The trend in the WAHM world of consultant and affiliate programs is an overwhelming amount of memberships to companies. The more you join, the more versatile your product offering, the more people visit your businesses, and the more money you will bring in right? While affiliate marketing (signing up for several affiliate programs) and/or starting several part-time consultant programs sound like the right path, this can spell your demise if you are not careful.

The most common thing we do is take all of our affiliate/consultant programs and place those banners all on a free website. After all placing these all on one website gives us a one stop shop that customers will love. They can find all they need in one place. That's why you joined so many right?

We join or start a business for many reasons but the main goal is money. Whether full-time or part-time you are in it for the money. Now you may be thinking how can signing up for so many spell my demise? Ask yourself this, do you place your links on a website and send out text ads and links to that site for people to view? What is on that site that will make people want to buy? You are ultimately sending them to a site that will redirect them away from your site. You are telling them go elsewhere to purchase. Does this make sense? This is network marketing and without a full knowledge and understand of this you will fail.

The idea behind joining several consultant and/or affiliate programs is great but many times you end becoming overwhelmed. You never give your businesses the right amount of attention which in turn never gives them a chance to grown and blossom into a fruitful venture.

If you decide to take on a few companies, get organized. This is essential to your growing businesses. First thing you need to do is create a schedule. Know how much time you are willing to give your businesses each day. This is important. You need to give your attention to your businesses 5 days a week. The term make your own hours does not mean just whenever you feel like it or when you decide you have time. You need to make time. Make a list of all that needs to be done everyday and get on that schedule. Find a minimum of 2 hours a day Monday through Friday for 1 business, 1 hour for each business after. These time suggestions are just minimum suggestions. Your real time requirements can be far more. Avoid the trap of 30 minutes here and there. When you do this it is very easy to push it off and even skip it. Find solid time. Make the time. You can't build a successful business if you don't give your business time.

Create a folder on your computer desktop labeled "My Business". On your desktop is the best place because this is always in view when you sit down and easily accessible. In your main folder create a sub folder for each business labeled with the business name. This is where you will store all pertinent information about each business including files. In each business sub folder create folders for customer lists, product info, account info, business templates (business cards, flyers, etc). Next make a list of all your businesses and store in your main folder. Note any requirements for each business as well. I suggest an excel file (if you are in need of a template, contact me for information). This gives you a quick reference guide.

If you are a WAHM with more than 5 businesses a strict schedule will be crucial to your success. You will need a daily outline of duties. While you may have decided to become a WAHM for the flexible schedule this does not mean you will be without one. Each day dedicate time to each business. A minimum of 1 hour a day per business. This is more than just advertising. This may be researching, learning about the products, planning a party, etc. If you have too many businesses to dedicate 1 hour a day, it is time to weed out the businesses that do not work for you. Stick to 2-3 at most.

Create a work space. This is important. Using the kitchen table is not a work space. Ideally an extra room is best so you can close the door after working hours. At minimum you need a corner of a room with your desk, computer, business supplies, and file cabinet. This is the only place you do work and this space is used for nothing else.

Take time to create a budget. Know your business needs and how to promote your business. How much can you spend each month without commissions. Know how you plan to spend that budget. Break it down per business and stick to it. Keep a tally on all expenses made with each business during the calendar month to stay on top of expenses.

Each week look over your previous weeks work and be sure you are staying organized. Clean your desk area to keep it from getting out of control.

Take a the extra steps to get organized and stay organized will help keep things running smoothly. Staying organized allows you a place to refocus when you get off track.

Olivia Vidal
© 2009


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