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Tea Time with Liv

Product Review - Pedipaws™

I am sure by now we have all see the new pet nail trimmers on TV. The boast trimming pet nails with ease by gently filing the nails. I paid particular attention to Pedipaws™

I decided to give this a try and purchased one from a local drug store after they hit the stores.

I like the style of the product itself. Doesn't feel bulky or too heavy. After turning the motor on, it was quieter than I expected. Reminded me of the low hum of an electric razor if I had to describe it. My dogs were not afraid of it. They were curious more than anything.

My first test was on the smallest of my fur clan. Our chihuahua. He is not very keen on having anyone touch his feet so this was going to be an adventure. The first nail he wasn't too sure about it and was ready to wiggle off. We found a good seating position and carried on. Being he is what I like to call my ADD child, he was bored quick but didn't really appear upset about the device.

We were challenged with getting his nails positioned right. Being tiny feet (about 1"x 1 1/2"" trying to get the space between his toes to complete this trim was difficult. Almost to the point of discomfort. After repositioning a few times trying to find a better way to trim not only the long nails from being an inside dog but also the space between his nails to file all surfaces and not just the very tip, I came up with an idea. Remove the guard. I can now maneuver between his tiny toes and trim further than the guard would allow.

Next time to try this product on my next smallest clan member. Our poodle mix. She is about twice the size of our chihuahua - weight and size. With the guard trimming her nails was easier although with the guard off proved better. I was better able to scuplt her nails leaving no jagged edges or any nail frays.

The larger 2 of our fur clan, 2 labs, were a breeze. Their nails fit easily in the guard all around and were not affected by the device or noise.

One piece of advice that I may have missed in the instructions was the guard opening where the nail goes, have the notch at the top and not the bottom. If it is at the bottom I found it caught all 4 of the fur clan nails between the guard and the spinning emery wheel. This can he difficult to work around if you are right handed but it can be done. With the way it is constructed the notch is meant for the bottom.

I recommend it for anyone with a medium sized dog or larger. Smaller can be difficult enough to only end up in the drawer to collect dust. If you have a dremmel I recommend getting the wheel attachment instead. Just as easy just without the guard. We do have a dremmel and I do find it can be easier to pull out the battery operated device from time to time instead. It is a matter of perference.

If you decide to make the purchase, I think it can be worth the small investment for the convenience alone.

I in no way represent Pedipaws™, manufacture of Pedipaws™, or distributors, nor do I sell or distribute this product. I have received no compensation for my product review. I am purely documenting my own experience as a consumer with the product to pass along to others like myself who may be interested in this product not sold by myself.

Olivia Vidal
© Copyright 2008


Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to get this thing for a long time, I have a playful puppy and she is always scratching us with her nails!

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