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Tea Time with Liv

Its time to warm up

As summer winds down and old man winter starts packing to move in, one thing we can still enjoy year round is tea. Whether hot or cold the soothing aroma is always inviting. I for one love tea during allergy season. My throat gets so sore from coughing and sneezing. Herbal teas always seem to make me feel better. Even on a stressful day tea is always the ticket to relaxing.

While bored with the normal teas found at the grocery store, I went looking for something better. More flavorful. I found that at Teaporia. Teaporia has the best collection of teas I have seen at a great price. They even have the new tea blossoms that are becoming so widely popular.

Did you know one cup of white tea contains the same amount of antioxidants as 10 cups of apple juice!

Before you go back to the store for another box of tea that has been sititng on the shelf for who knows how long, give lose leaf tea a try. You will be surprised and amazed at what you are missing. Now don't run away at the thought of loose leaf. You can even get tea sacs for your loose leaf tea. Make these ahead of time and store in a tight sealing opaque tin and the flavor will be just as wonderful 1 year from now as it was the day it arrived.

October's Flavors of the month are

Pumpkin Spice
Notes of cinnamon and pumpkin abound. Cup is like the "nip" in the air during northern autumns. Jazz this one up with Vanilla Chai. Use half Pumpkin Spice and half Vanilla Chai for a flavor that wows.

Brandied Apple
This tea has delicious astringency and Macintosh like caramelized apple hints. A regal tea that creates interest. Try a clover honey stick to intensify the flavors in this aromatic tea.

See a flavor you like but not available as decaf? Any tea can be made less-caffeinated by pouring just enough hot water over the leaves to cover them. Let the tea sit for about 30 seconds and pour out the water (NOT THE LEAVES!) Then refill with more water, steep and enjoy your tea!

Visit Teaporia and see why this is fast becoming my all-time favorite shop for teas


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