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Tea Time with Liv

Get in the Habit

Getting those business cards can be difficult to get out there. You can never remember when is it ok to hand them out, who to hand them out to, when it is not appropriate.

Here are my tips:

Whenever someone asks for your phone number regardless of what it is, hand them a business card. I just hand them one and tell them its easy to to give you this and it has my email in case you ever need it.

When someone asks about my business I hand them one and tell them call me sometime and lets have a drink. It keeps it casual and keeps the gate open to a new customer.

I never leave them in areas that are iffy such as bathroom stalls. Some will tell you this is ok but I do not. Most times stores have policies against this and can just get you into hot water. Plus when the maintenence people come for a cleaning your cards go down the drain and possibly without one ever being seen.

I have a business card case which I have attached a magnetic version to the outside. When I am out having a drink with the girls or out to dinner I place this on the table. Most times the server will ask about it and I will give them a card. I don't leave a card because for me most times these just get throw away and never where I intended it to go.

When at the nail salon they have cards from others available. I will ask if I can leave some with them.

I trade business cards with my hair dresser. When someone needs a new stylist I had them a card. When he has a bride to be come in or hears of someone going to a bridal shower he passes on my card.

When I pass out cards I want to keep the ratio high when it comes to going into the hands of someone who will use it. I know not everyone will use them but I want this to be effective marketing.

What are your tips for passing out business cards effectively?

Olivia Vidal
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