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Tea Time with Liv

What defines you as a WAHM?

Being a WAHM means many different things to different people. Some say its because you have a home business with a a direct sales company. Others say its because they stay home with the kids while cafting items to sell on the weekends. Some say you don't even need to be a mom to be a WAHM.

We want to hear from you. What defines you as a WAHM?

Olivia Vidal
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Val said...

I'm a Mom and I work for myself, own my own business(s). Hence the WORK AT HOME MOM (WAHM). It requires the Mom at the end to be a WAHM, or it's WAH. Equally awesome, but you are not a wahm lol We're all entrepreneurs and should learn from each other, but one can't understand the added issues of the other fully.

Gale said...

To me I've had to realize lately that I needed to treat my "business" more like the hobby it is than a business. That sort of goes backwards to what most people might say about being a WAHM...but I'm not making a lot off of it, and I need to let it not get in the way of other more important things right now.

Though, I'm happy to say I've just recently reached 100 followers on my blog...and I'm stopping by to thank you for being one of them and invite you to the blog party I'm having through November 1. There's fun games and giveaways. :-)


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