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Tea Time with Liv

Taking care of your customers

So many are about the one and done sale and forget repeat business is vital to your success. So many times I have ordered from different reps from one company because once I ordered I never heard from them again. I also got empty promises and gave up.

When a customer first orders they are looking for a relationship. They are looking for someone to ask questions of, someone knowledgeable, someone who cares. Their first experience is a powerful experience. Make it count.

When you customer orders, send them a thank you note. This can be a simple email but a handwritten note is best. Check back with them when their order arrives. Ensure it is exactly what they wanted, if they have any questions, and even offer a little coupon for their next order. A couple weeks after receiving the order, follow up once again.

If you make an offer, follow through. Don't offer a special deal only to find it will break the bank and you have to take the offer back.

Keep track of what your customer orders. Most times they have a pattern that you can follow. You will learn how fast they need that new lipstick or when ready to buy more candles. You will also find their purchasing pattern reveals all their likes and dislikes. This will allow you to offer a new seasoning, new container, new hairbow.

Take the time to get to know your customer. Doing so on a personal level will give you insight on anniversaries, birthdays, condolences, times of congratulations. These may not be times to make a sale but it shows your customer the extra effort.

When a customer has a problem with an order, product, service, take the time to address the issue. Do not play the blame game. The moment do you, you have lost your customer's trust. Blaming others doesn't solve the problem.

Keep it simple and be smart about it. Your customer will love you for it as they will be a long time customer.

Olivia Vidal
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