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Tea Time with Liv

Just had to share!

Maple Treats. I found this company last year and been purchasing for awhile. I love these! I especially love the moose heads from Maple Treats.

Click on the banner and take a look at Maple Treats. They have several treats even real maple syrup. This is no imitation. For years that is what I battled. Not with this company. This has the real maple flavor I was seeking. That is because they are made with real maple syrup. Maple Treats is based in Michigan and these treats are made in Michigan. Not a desert town in the southern US.

I highly and personally recommend the maple moose heads, maple taffy, and maple pops. These are my all time favorites.

Want to try a few? I recommend the moose-tery sampler.
You get:

1 - Bag Moose Droppings
1 - Bag of 32 Maple toffee, Maple Pops or Hard Candy
1 - Moose Head Maple Sugar

for only $11.48+ shipping. This is the best way to get a little taste of everything and you save about $5. You can find these in the gift bag section.

They also have a maple tastee set that includes:

1 bottle of Syrup
8 Maple Pops
12 Maple Flavored Toffees

for only $10

I am a true fan of Maple Treats and will stay a customer as long as they are around.


Maple Man said...

Thank you for the great write up
Maple Man (Greg)
Owner of Maple Treats

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