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Tea Time with Liv

Is your attitude killing your business?

When building a business you are not just selling a product, you are also selling yourself. If people don't trust or like you, no amount of fast talking will make them want to buy.

You may think the loud mouthed, life of the party, opinionated, and ready to stand up for anything that comes your way is the best way to do business but you could be putting off people without realizing it. Do you boast to be the biggest "b" on the block with a capital B exclamation point?

If you come off overbearing and intimidating, that makes people fear you. They fear your presense and how they will be treated as a customer if concerns or a problem ever arrises. That makes them afraid to buy. If you are intimidating while trying taking their money, how will you be when you need to give it back due to a defective product?

You don't want fear instilled and connected to your business. You will be known in such ways that building a business will prove difficult if possible at all. This is the time to start looking to change your attitude and rid yourself of that horrible stigma.

You may not want to hear it but you need to know honestly how people preceive you. This is where your true friends and family come in. Ask them honestly to tell you how they see you and not just give the sweet cookie cutter picture they think you want to hear. This is extremely important to you and your busines that you receive the most honest comments. The an only then can you truly see the painted picture of the true you.

Your attitude is not just how people standing in front of you see you but also the tone in which you speak in the written word. In today's world, it is almost impossible to avoid those email messages. Today's WAHM/D goes beyond that. You join groups on Yahoo!, Google, Cafemom, and there is a plethera of message boards for every possible home business that exists. Because everything is in written form, it is difficult to convey certain feelings when it is taken in a different form.

Ever have someone react to your post as though you personally attacked them when you were only trying to be honest and helpful? Ever tried to joke with someone only for them to be upset that you were so insulting? This is exactly what we are talking about. Sometimes it is harmless while other times you are a habitual offender and always believe someone else is at fault. If you are constantly confronted and now feel as though nobody likes you, it may just be YOUR attitude and not theirs.

A few things to help change how people see you is start rehearsing our parties, have someone question you about your company and product, re-read all emails and even have someone else read them beforehand, reread all message board messages before posting and again even have someone read them before posting. If you are getting honest feedback and not just the sugar and sweet friend response, you are on your way to changing your attitude.

Olivia Vidal
© Copyright 2008


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